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Spotlight Projects

RMC Landscapes is committed to transforming your landscape to better serve your lifestyle. RMC Landscapes provides consultation and design services throughout the Bay Area region. Here are a few of our recent projects to give you an idea of what we can design and coordinate for you.

  Glen Park, San Francisco, California
Proper design of a deck can create more usable open space on steeply sloped lots.
  Linda Mar, Pacifica, California
Outdoor firepits can create outdoor fun for friends and family.
  Los Altos, California
RMC Landscapes provides practical and simple design solutions for reinventing your garden or patio. 
  Mill Valley, California
RMC Landscapes Decks and stairs, when properly designed, can take better advantage of outdoor space on sloped lots.
  Noe Valley - San Francisco, California
RMC Landscapes can add valuable curb appeal to your home and make a back garden more practical for your life style.
  Pacifica, California
RMC Landscapes is committed to find innovative ways to make the most efficient use of your existing outdoor space.
  Pacifica, California
It's no problem to create a whole new garden from the ground up. RMC Landscapes works with developers and home builders to provide elegant landscaping to market and sell a new home.
  Pacifica, California
RMC Landscapes works with homeowners who are looking for creative ways to expand their outdoor living spaces.
palo alto landscaping   Palo Alto, California
Freshening up a tired landscape can do wonders for a home's overall appearance.
palo alto landscaping   Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, California
Make use of sloped lots with terraced walls and decks.
  San Francisco, California
It's a welcomed challenge to work with small urban spaces, garden areas and streetscapes.

Sonoma, California
No project is too big for RMC Landscapes.

  Vallemar, Pacifica, California
Landscaping should be integrated into the architecture of a residence.
  Walnut Creek, California
Sometime a front yard needs to be updated to invigorate a property's overall curb appeal.

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please email us or call (415) 309-5070.

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