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RMC Landscapes services range from a single consultancy for your garden to developing a full design with project management. RMC Landscapes is committed to work very closely with contractors, installers, spa providers, building supply vendors and nurseries to ensure top level materials, quality and customer satisfaction. We can also make recommendations and coordinate estimates from installers and contractors.

Our Services include:

  • A completely scaled garden design: whether it is a small urban space or large suburban property.
  • Planting designs, providing detailed and scaled planting plans.
  • Supplying plants for clients and their contractors.
  • Hardscape design such as garden walls, paving, decks.
  • Special Elements such as water features, fountains, lighting, and garden furniture.
  • Obtaining prices for work, nominating contracts and monitoring all work to completion.

Our Process includes:

Initial Consultation
An initial consultation typically includes a site visit to discuss your requirements and inspect the property. After, an estimate for design work is drawn up and sent together with a proposal of work.

Design Proposal
After our consultation we begin developing a design proposal which includes surveying the existing garden and producing a layout and planting design which will be illustrated by plans and/or sketches. We also will develop a plant and materials list for the client.

Construction Estimate and Details for Design
Once the design and materials are selected and approved by the client, we assist in finding a contractor or installer to provide estimates and contracts for implementation, and provide any necessary plans, construction details and planting plans needed by the contractor or installer to enable the construction process.

Site Operations
During the site operations of construction we will hand select and purchase plants at reputable nurseries and schedule their delivery. We will also inspect installation of plants and building materials.

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please email us or call (415) 309-5070.

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